Bathroom Graffiti

Or Lavatory Mural
Or Washroom Wall Art
Or John Masterpiece
Or “Everybody Wuz Here”
Or Phone Directory for…
Or reason I’ve pissed all over the seat…


This is from a coffee shop restroom on the Bowery.

I’m into this kinda stuff. I think it’s pretty interesting to read and I notice people get either really honest on bathroom walls or outrageously juvenile (bathrooms really ARE a place for release!) From funny notes written to whoever is currently using the toilet, like, “Don’t forget to wash your hands you nasty bastard,” to hateful, deep-seated anger that I wouldn’t say in real life, let alone re-write on my blog.

Oh, and everyone is in a band. And every band has a sticker.

I’m not ashamed to say that I always take a moment to scour the stall walls whenever I’m in a public restroom stall. Give it a shot next time you’re in one that’s covered in tags and phone numbers and nasty stick figures. But don’t explore for too long, because, y’know… it’s a bathroom. And it always sucks when people think you’re poopin’.


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