Off the wall

I walked into a store yesterday and on the wall was this case, with a ton of film in it.Visually, it was stunning, but it got me thinking. With the digitization of photos, and the ultimate ousting of film, what do people hang on their walls?

Sure, you could say art. But when I was younger, the “art” was mainly all the embarrassing photos of me in different “toothed” phases, from gapped, to buck, to what the… all arranged in tacky, metallic frames from this dollar store or that dollar store. Tons of propped up memories of my brother and I, my sister’s graduation, my 12 and under basketball team, my big ass feet and abnormal head. As embarrassed as I am of some of them, they are the very things that brought, and still bring, warmth to my mother’s house. They emit a wave that the Internet can’t, no matter how advanced or sophisticated.

But my generation, and the one after me, seems to be more interested in building cool if not “cold” environments to lay our heads. Massive televisions, and things that beep, and move, tick and ring coupled with our love affair for ikea, leather, metal, and glass (cheap) furniture are the makings of our abodes. Crazy thing is, we snap more photos than ever! We are the generation of documentation. Taking photos of what we eat, wear, who we’re with, and just about any and everything else. But our pictures don’t hang on the walls of our homes to warm us, they hang on our Facebook walls. And maybe that makes some kind of twisted sense, since that’s, I guess, where we live.

It’s cheaper to house our memories online, but (insert analogy about fast food being cheap but not always the best, here.)

Just saying.


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